Technology and Research Commercialization

With the creation of an Office of International and Global Strategies, George Mason University took the unique step in bringing its academic reach and institutional presence globally. This ambitious development set the stage for diverse initiatives spanning new academic arenas, corporate partnerships, and government collaborations.

It is with this focus on Innovation, Global Diversity, Entrepreneurship, and Accessible Programming that George Mason University’s Global Learning Institute is offering its Technology and Research Commercialization Program. This exclusive program offers university administrators, research faculty, and commercial practitioners the opportunity to learn the best practices of structuring and commercializing research, along with capitalizing on the immense demand for developing biotechnology.



Research Commercialization in an Academic Environment: participants will review best administrative structures and learn how to more effectively craft and execute value-creating innovations, from initial ideation through to successful realization and commercialization.

Biotech Commercialization in US, European, and Asian Markets: participants will learn the skills needed to effectively commercialize innovation in the field of biotechnology in US, European, and Asian university structures.


  • Successful Capacity Building in the University Administration
  • Raising Research Visibility Through International Professional Networks and Publishing
  • Assessing Needs, Resources and Feasibility
  • Structuring and Pricing the Deal
  • Product Development and the Innovation Process for Researchers
  • Establishing Contacts with Industry and Research Institutions
  • The Business of Bioscience: What Goes Into Making a Biotechnology Product?
  • Research Commercialization in Life Sciences and Biotechnology


Morning lectures will provide participants with key concepts and analytic tools whereas afternoons seminars will help participants use those tools and apply them to specific empirical situations. Additional site-visits to administrative offices, cultural destinations, and local organizations will provide rich context to lessons. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Certificate of Participation. (Expected Daily Itinerary)


The Technology and Research Commercialization Program is offered twice a year for 10 days or a 3 day intensive program.

  • Fall 2013
    • 10 Day Program: December 5-14
    • 3 Day Intensive Program: December 1 – 4
  • Spring 2014
    • 10 Day Program: March 6-15
    • 3 Day Intensive Program: March 2-5